What is GPS tracking device and its advantages

BlackOwl GPS is an Australian company located in Melbourne that is locally owned and controlled. BlackOwl GPS is an Australian company located in Melbourne that is locally owned and controlled.They can assist customers whether they have one car or more. When it concerns to GPS tracking, they place a high value on security.Private details and tracking data are never sold to outsiders because they use a secured tracking technology that is maintained on a secure Australian-based platform.

BlackOwl GPS

For tradesperson who owns a vehicle full of tools that are worthy, Perhaps you are self-employed and your vehicle is your primary source of income, What would you do if you woke up one morning to discover that your vehicle had been taken the night?  portable GPS monitoring solutions, which are appropriate for electrically driven vehicles such as caravans, horse trailers, trailers, and vehicles in warehousing, will provide you with additional peace of mind and protection.Because of theirwater resistance and strong built-in magnets, battery-operated GPS trackers are available in two sizes and are ideal for external installation. They are available in two sizes.

Advantages of adding portable GPS tracking devices to the vehicle

  • Small in stature, but powerful in performance.
  • Battery-powered trackers have smaller profiles, as well as an all-black exterior, making them appropriate for installing on a variety of vehicles without drawing attention.
  • Portable GPS trackers that can standbyup to 3/6 months and track up to 40/80 hours of driving time because of their low power consumption.
  • When your trailer is in motion, GPS location reports for your trailer will be transmitted every 30 seconds, allowing you to view a detailed tracking history.
  • Additionally, if there is no movement detected for 5 minutes, sleep mode is activated to ensure the longest possible battery life.
  • Tradespeople who don’t want to have to frequently recharge their trailer GPS tracker every few nights will find this to be best.
  • You can make use of feature-rich online tracking technology to keep track of the location and battery life of the vehicle.
  • The software will also senda warning when the battery in the vehicle falls 25% of its capacity. Simply recharge the unit and reinstall the tracker on your vehicle. It’s that simple!
  • Another convenient feature is the option to power portable GPS trackers via a micro USB cable when in use, which is dependent on the wiring configuration of the vehicle.
  • Cost-effective, feature-rich tracking solution for all types of vehicles.
  • Due to the fact that trailers come in a range of shapes and sizes, the ability to put the portable GPS tracker in a variety of places is a major security feature.