AS400 cloud

The use of cloud computing is increasing day by day as per as the growth of companies where they need to store their essential data in a secure manner. Most of the businesses are looking forward to secure cloud services so that they can rest assured of the safety of data and can access it from anywhere the cloud also allows them to provide access to only a selected number of people to access the different categories of data. AS400 cloud is also application software which is helpful for making your business easy, affordable and flexible. It can also transform the ways of working. You can find all essential data on your hotmail account. Here are some features of cloud computing.

Features of cloud computing

  • You are able to access and upload the data to the cloud only with the help of internet connection. It can be done from anywhere or at any time.
  • It provides the best level of security and reduces the risk of losing data. No one is able to hack or utilize the data from the storage device. It will create a snapshot of all the stored data and make it secure for a long time.
  • There are two types of resources such as physical and virtual which are assigned or reassigned on the basis of customer’s demand. Therefore, customer does not have any type of information or control about the location of resources providers but they can specify the location with great abstraction.
  • You do not have to spend money on buying storage on regular basis. It is only one time investment and helpful for saving a lot of money. It only requires easy maintenance on routine basis.
  • You do not have to pay any charge while using it and there are no hidden charges. You only have pay for the space you use and for the services that you have utilized.

AS400 cloud

What are the challenges service provider faces when they use cloud 400?

There are some challenges that are faced at the time of implementation of cloud. Some of them are as follow:

  • All type of data that is stored online has a risk of cyber attack and this software needs to deal with this risk for making all the essential data secure from the hackers.
  • Today, most of the organizations are facing the problem of lack or expertise and resources and this is the second challenge. Most of the companies are hiring well certified workers for cloud computing for overcoming this challenge. But the expert also has to train the other staff for enhancing the speed with technology.
  • Most of the organizations are finding ways to manage the use of multi cloud strategies. Whereas, 51 % of enterprises are pursuing with hybrid cloud strategies and 81 % of them are pursuing with multi cloud strategies. Hence, the companies who are on average place use the private and public clouds.
  • The services of cloud are only hosted by the providers of cloud services. They have to be concerned about the reputation and sustainability of company and so it is necessary to make your presence when company needs you.