In many places, body-mounted cameras have become very popular. These innovative gadgets can be seen on police officers and other law enforcement agents who wear the cameras to document their daily activities.

Also, body cams, as they are commonly called, are used by stunts men and adventurers who want to document their breathtaking experiences such as skydiving, or deep-sea exploration.

In 2020 we expect newer and improved body cameras. It is best to note the particular features of the body camera before you make a purchase.

The best body-mounted cameras can capture 4K videos and a pixel rating as high as 20MP. Also, the portable technology used in these devices accommodates large storage and an excellent battery that can keep the cameras working for a long time.

We expect more body cameras that will offer super-wide views, Wi-Fi support for live streaming and image stabilisation for photos or video.

Here are the top picks that should rule the markets next year;


This body-mounted camera is one of the popular picks in the market. It is a favourite because of the design, which features a sturdy cover and secure clasps.

The MIUFLY 1296P can capture photos and videos from a viewing angle of 140 degrees, which are encoded with H 264 compression and saved in MP4 format. The body camera offers video stabilisation, 16x digital zoom, and Wi-Fi connectivity for real-time streaming. The body cam is powered by a rechargeable battery rated at 2,900 mAh.

Reveal D Series

This body-mounted camera is often used by the police officers because the recorded content can only be viewed on authorised computers. It has sturdy features that are easily accessible. The body camera captures images and videos from a wide viewing angle, which is possible because the camera can rotate at 305 degrees. The 1080P videos can be saved in different formats such as MP4, AAC, or MOV.

Campark ACT74

This is another amazing body-mounted camera that can capture images in 4K resolution; videos are shot in a range as high as 1080P. The unit comes with two rechargeable batteries, which makes it a favourite for people who enjoy extreme sports in remote places. The wide-view camera captures an angle of 170 degrees.

This body camera also has Wi-Fi connectivity and can stream videos in real-time, its extended usage time is enhanced with expandable memory; it supports memory cards of up to 32GB. The body cam is durable and easy to use.

GoPro Fusion

GoPro Fusion is one of the best body cameras in the market. This amazing gadget captures images in 5.2K resolution from a wide viewing angle of 360 degrees. The smart system allows you to convert captured videos to 1080P from all angles.

Videos and photos captured with the GoPro Fusion can be shared to social media directly.

Wolfcom Venture

This multipurpose camera is another favourite because of its versatility. It has a sturdy design and can capture wide viewing angles with its rotatable lens. The body camera has day and night vision functionality, 32GB internal storage, and a rechargeable battery. It is a great choice for people who need to capture videos for long hours.

These are our top five body-mounted cameras, your choice will depend on why you need a body camera.

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