Organizing a nonprofit event is sure a tricky task to do, but nobody said that it should be so hard at all.

Most likely, one of the important things you need to look for is to find organizations and companies to sponsor and fund your event. However, contacting people and asking them for their support is not just as easy as you thought it would be.

First, you need to make sure you have a good online presence. You keep up to date with the latest about the events. You must also upload good photos and content— basically, stepping up on your social media marketing is a must.

Second, you find people to finance you. Big or small companies who support nonprofit events and charities.

Lastly, make sure you are using pledge management software to easily and conveniently take in control of all the money that is coming into your event.

To help you which software is best to download and use, here are a few tips below.

pledge management software

Apps Best to Use for Nonprofit Events

Event management applications for salesforce are some of the most important solutions that you can integrate your nonprofit event. This pledge management software is programs that developed a sixth sense for where these solutions are headed and what works.

While it is pretty obvious that not all nonprofit needs a pledge management software, almost all nonprofits also want one. However, to make sure that everything is in control and organized then you need to make sure you incorporate these apps below today.

Possible Options for Event Apps

There’s no denying that there are indeed a number of solutions out there, many specialize in one feature that can be helpful in ticketing, auction, pledging and event registration forms. Basically, you just need to find that one app that works best for what purpose you need it.

  1. Workato’s Eventbrite sync 

One app we have here is Eventbrite, it is one of the most popular pledge management software you can find online. It works for smaller one day or one-off events. Either you are organizing a small, quick or bigger event, this should work and do well in helping you manage your sponsor’s pledge.

  1. Cvent

This particular app is purposely for those big and large events. Basically, it is a heavy investment to make for organizers too. If you have multiple speakers, multiple tracks and courses in a multi-day event, then this salesforce apps is one of the apps you should start to consider.

  1. Click & Pledge 

This app sounds so easy peasy as it is named after ‘click and pledge’- as easy as that. Basically, this app comes in handy for organizations who are doing a lot of different type of events and nonprofit events or fundraising who would want their functionality to process under one house. This includes peer-to-peer fundraising, online pledging or online donation, and even e-commerce integration. This option is one of the cheapest you can find in the market too, basically because it has no recurring cost. Only transaction fees after setup, however, it should still be convenient for you and to your expenses.