People use different kinds of audio devices for different purposes, such as earphones, headphones, and speakers of different types for different purposes. Speakers are available in hundreds of varieties for different purposes such as for parties and concerts, for hearing the audio in various devices like computers, mobile devices, televisions, and other devices, in movie theatres and for multiple other purposes. Speakers are available for different audio ranges according to their usage and requirements.

What Are Soundbars?

A soundbar is one such form of speaker which is used in houses for the purpose of getting a home theatre audio experience. A soundbar is a type of speaker which is tube-shaped and it consists of many small speakers aligned in a tube shape enclosure, soundbars are although tube-shaped but various companies produce soundbars in various different shapes such as some soundbars may be rectangular and edgy while some other soundbars might be cylindrical and more like round shaped edges. Soundbars are usually used in homes along with television sets and computers. These soundbars come along two or more than two subwoofers for the best surround sound experience. The soundbar has various modes of connectivity depending upon the features offered by the soundbars, although most of the soundbars have wired options while some others also come with an option of Bluetooth connectivity.

M4500 Soundbar

The Samsung M4500 Soundbar

The samsung m4500 soundbar is a soundbar which is manufactured by Samsung one of the leading company of electronic devices of the world. The samsung m4500 soundbar was released in 2016 along with the samsung curved LED TV, which is why the samsung m4500 soundbar also has a curved design that allows it to provide a better surround sound experience. Some of the other features of Samsung m4500 soundbar are:

  • Samsung m4500 comes with an option of both HDMI, aux and Bluetooth connectivity which allows it to have better connectivity and high-quality audio transmission.
  • The samsung m4500 soundbar has a 2.1 audio channel which is still considered best in class in the market and has a better surround sound immersive experience.
  • The samsung soundbar has wireless subwoofers that are dedicated to provide better wireless surround sound experience.
  • The samsung m4500 soundbarcomes along with a remote which allows you to access all its function, moreover the samsung on remote technology is also available for the soundbar which allows you to use samsung remotes for any other device with the soundbar.

The Samsung soundbar is a very advanced and a great surround sound home theatre experience providing soundbar and it can be bought easily from both offline and online stores.