The problems in manual testing

The software testing involves more challenges beyond one’s imagination. Only the well trained experts can handle it in the most effective way. Even though the manual automation testing is preferred in the initial days, day by day the problems in manual automation are highly increasing. The testing team often feels frustrated because of the continuous challenges which they are supposed to overcome in their work. Some of the most common problems in manual testing are revealed in this article.

Time consumption

Time consumption is one of the most common problems which are highly experienced by many people in manual testing. Since all the processes are done manually it will consume more time. And obviously the testers will also take more time in order to point out the exact location of the error. This kind of time consumption will also leads to the problem of late delivery. And the other important thing is in manual testing it is highly impossible to test the complete application at once.

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Human resources

The companies which tend to show interest in manual testing must make sure to have better human resources to engage them in the work. This may be suitable for the large businesses as they may have huge budget. But this will be a great financial issue for the small businesses. This is because these businesses are supposed to manage their business expenses within small budget. Hence they cannot afford more for the human resources. This is not only the case with the small businesses at times even the large businesses tend to show interest in reducing the human resources in order to avoid huge expenses.


One of the major problem experienced by many people who moved towards the manual testing is they are quite costlier. Along with timing, they also consume resources. And as mentioned above, manual testing needs more human resources. While considering all the expenses, the total cost for testing may go beyond the budget of the company. Hence this is considered to be the costliest option.

Apart from these, the reliability in manual testing is considered to be lesser and there are several other challenges to overcome. The only solution to get rid of all these hassles is making use of the test automation companies. With the help of test automation, even a huge testing process can be completed within short span of time. And the other important thing is automation testing will be the right choice for the people who need greater accuracy in their result. While moving for the test automation, the best service available in the market should be chosen. One can read the reviews and can consider several other factors for choosing the right company.