Setting up a website is not as easy as you think. The webpage is the first time your customer sees you, and it says a lot about your products and services. There are tons of websites having templates available on the internet that do exactly what you code. But is it worth it?


The generic website can be good at the start, but as your business prospers you need to keep making changes in your online presence as well. The data reveals the fact that a company’s webpage and social media analytics can influence potential customers.

Lately, custom-made websites have gained wide popularity and proven to be the best to increase credibility and create quality leads. Here’s a guide on whether to choose the conventional method – Template websites or follow the trend of Customizing websites.

Custom made websites Temporary websites
Custom-made websites are the new-gen solution for all your business hitches. It can give you a competitive advantage and make your website stand out. One of the easiest and conventional methods of designing a webpage for your business. There is no need to code and spend big amounts on it. An individual without a technical background can also use websites.
The biggest advantage of this option is that it boosts your sales and increases the credibility of the business. From up-to-date CMS and lighting fast page speed it enhances and user experience and helps your business grow. The only advantage of templates is low cost and low maintenance.
Custom website design might take a toll on your pockets and turns out to be a costly affair. It is also a time-consuming process and takes longer to complete projects. It has poor processing speed and outdated features that might affect the search ranking of the page. It is not recommended to choose templates unless your budget is low.

Choose the best for you

If your business is service-driven and depends on reach, then customizing your website is the best way to boost sales. Custom website design Perth will take care of all the requirements. An Updated CMS will always do wonders and help in site index as well. One can use temporary websites if their business is new and don’t want to spend much on online marketing.

Best custom website design in Perth 

Are you looking for someone who’d take care of your websites and online process, so that you can focus on the core of the business? Optimize Online can be the one-stop solution for your worries. They have a customer-centric team that has been working since 2013 and helping businesses to grow. The services offered are :

  • Website Design
  • SEO
  • Google AdWords
  • Social media marketing
  • Social media coaching

The emphasis is placed on making your website responsive and determines if it represents your vision and mission.

Don’t overlook the importance of custom-made websites and search engine rankings. Understand your business needs, dynamics of the market, and design strategy accordingly. Invest your capital smartly to earn better Return on investments.