The SEO consultant is necessary to achieve your objectives on the Internet and you should integrate it into your team, from the beginning of the design of your website, but what is it, what exactly does it do and what are its benefits for your business?

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Only if you think about the SEO optimization of your website from the moment it is being designed and developed, integrating an SEO consultant into your marketing and web development team.

As a result, you will have a commercial tool ready to position yourself in search engines and achieve your marketing objectives from the moment of publication.

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Now that we know how web search engines work, when it comes to showing results, and what our potential clients who surf the Internet expect, we can no longer see our project as separate parts between various phases and professionals.

But as a whole where each part is complemented from the beginning. The beginning of that whole is based on designing a website optimized in SEO for positioning in web search engines like Google.

If your goal is to do things right from the beginning, save time and not pay twice for the same, then you should prioritize designing the SEO-optimized website for its positioning and keep reading!

What Does The SEO Consultant Do In Your Marketing Strategy?

What is the objective of your website? Make you earn money, one way or another! Thus, it is necessary that the experience in it is optimal and that is why it is necessary that SEO and design work hand in hand.

Remember That:

Marketing comprises the entire process by which a potential client is attracted to your business and is convinced that you are the best option to meet their expectations.

For all this to happen, your website must not only be beautiful but must appear in the first positions, when the user searches for your service or product, and offers a satisfactory experience and navigation, not to mention that commercially.

It must go marking the path of conversion to end up becoming a customer of your business.

Therefore, it is important to have the services of an SEO consultant from the beginning, even before contacting the web design company.

Do you see how important it is to work together between various professional Internet profiles? This can only be achieved with the expert advice of a SEO consultant or company and web positioning before starting to design your website with an eye on SEO.

Advantages Of Incorporating An SEO Consultant

Remember that SEO optimization of a web page includes many aspects and I want you to take a detailed view of all the benefits of optimizing for web positioning, as the web page is designed in parallel, and not when it is ready and published on the Internet.

SEO Consultant Basics

Without a doubt, an SEO consultant knows more than anyone about these key aspects when writing content with Google in mind as well as users, such as titles, goals and keywords, which are typical of SEO and should go from the hand of the objectives of your website.

Remember that the key to SEO is planning and optimization from the beginning, and not improvising when the results don’t come and it’s too late.

Improved Conversion Funnel

As I mentioned before, your website is the commercial tool where the potential client enters, knows you, is convinced and decides to buy whatever it is that you are selling; from content to a product or service.

The SEO consultant will help you to determine the flow of information on your website so that the premises of the conversion funnel are met.

Remember that it is not only about exposing the content, but about doing it at the right time and the most appropriate way to improve the conversion through a conversion funnel.

Tracking And Analysis Of SEO Consultant

From the beginning, you must configure the methods and means to monitor the progress of your project in its web positioning. This is an activity that is out of the hands of the web page designer, but that falls within the field of expertise of the SEO consultant.

From minute 1 when your SEO-optimized web page sees the light, you must do a SEO web analysis and collect data on visits, interactions and others, because that will allow you to predict the success of the web and you will know what changes are necessary.

Otherwise, you will be wasting precious time!

Optimized Architecture And Internal Linking

Part of the conversion funnel on a web page depends on its information architecture and web content, as well as internal linking.

A good web information architecture allows search engines, such as Google, to better understand the content hierarchy according to your interests and business objectives.

The web designer works the visual part, while the SEO consultant is the strategist in terms of content organization and relationship between them.

Optimization, in this sense, aims to give the most logical structure to internal pages so that the search engine and the user can intuit where they should go, according to the conversion funnel designed by your sales team together with the SEO consultant.

SEO Friendly URLs

With the widespread use of content managers such as WordPress, the use of friendly URLs is becoming easier every day, but even so, we must be aware of their application.

Incorporating an SEO consultant ensures that each web page will have a URL that will improve the chances that Google and other search engines understand what that page is about.

Searching for the perfect keywords and applying them to a friendly URL is a conscious work that derives from the SEO keyword audit that the SEO consultant will do and for which you want to position your website.

Mobile Optimized Design Or Mobile-First Design

This is another aspect that the designer could manage without the need for an SEO consultant, but it never hurts to technically review the SEO optimization for its web positioning against mobile device users.

Let’s remember that a mobile-optimized web design does not only refer to fitting the screen, but also that the information should look good, that it loads correctly, and even that functionality should be reviewed with respect to the technology that mobile phones handle.

Loading Speed And User Experience

Of all the SEO topics in terms of web design, the loading and browsing speed is the one that we should take into account the most.

The SEO consultant will do so because many times web design is distilled by aesthetics, rather than technical, and this is how we end up with a very nice page but it loads very slowly.

Choosing to design an SEO optimized website ensures that the code that is implemented is as clean as possible, that no elements are added that will delay loading or that do not contribute to the business proposal.

Obviously, the better the page loads, the better the user experience will be.

Optimization Of Rich Snippets

Currently, there has been a trend to mark up information in a format that is easy to interpret by Google and that potentially allows part of our content to appear as featured.

The translation of the content into this easier language for the machines is the responsibility of the SEO consultant and it is vital that it should be done from the beginning, since it speeds up the web positioning process after the publication of the new web page.

Content Marking And Schema

Beyond marking content to appear as featured content, using Schema markup requires basic page information to be translated so that search engines understand it better.

That is what is achieved, in very simple words, with the implementation of structured data with Schema. And, again, it is preferable to do it from the beginning.

Image Optimization

If there is one thing we need to monitor for optimized design it is applying SEO optimization for images.

Remember that designers are artists and the more resolution and quality the images have, the better for them it will be, but we already know that this slows down the load a lot and the SEO consultant will be in charge of limiting it.

Having an SEO consultant helps you to optimize not only physically but at the level of interpretation of all the images on your website.

Conclusion: SEO Consultant Is Key From The Start Of Your Website!

Optimizing your website by an SEO consultant, while designing and programming your website, is the best way for your Internet project to be successful in a very short time and to save a lot of money.

All the premises of web design must be adjusted to optimize the user experience and to satisfy the requirements of search engines such as Google to index and to position the content of the web page.

One of the most prominent benefits of incorporating an SEO consultant in the design phase is planning content strategies that can help you to improve the marketing of your website.

And if you need advice from an SEO agency to further advance the positioning of your website on Google, we will be happy to help you!