Most people are have changed from using a laptop or a PC for playing their favorite games. It is even more entertaining when it comes to playing your game on a widescreen. In the recent parts, manufacturers of gaming equipment and accessories have started appreciating the importance of using bigger screens for gaming. If you are planning to buy a wider screen for gaming proposes, you should be aware of the things to check. Here are tips to help you when buying a great 4K gaming TV screen.

Get the Screen with Shorter Lag Time

The shorter the time lag, the better. 4K gaming TV screen is chosen because of their shorter lag times than other normal sets. For a faster than average responsiveness, ensure that you go for 4K resolution screens with a shorter time lag. For an ultimate gaming experience, you can get a Samsung 4K resolution TV. Any OLED model will be suitable as a gaming screen. Furthermore, most Samsung screens look fantastic and offer the best-off viewing angle.  In addition, a 120Hz refresh rate in most TVs conforms to the basic screen requirements for gaming TVs.


Look For Game Modes

In addition to 4K resolution, you should concern yourself with the features dedicates to gaming. Such features prioritize speed over finely tuned image processing. Actually, manufacturers say that gaming screens shave off milliseconds between a frame being rendered and then displaying on the screen.

4K Resolution Screens Are Better Than HBR Screens

They are both great! However, most people are going for the 4K resolution screens instead of HDR screens. However, they do not have HBR support. Not everyone wants to pay for more for the richer colors and better contrast that HDR provides. Therefore, always check whether the 4Kscreen you are buying supports HDR features. This type of device is greatly useful for fortnite gameplay.

Do Not Skimp on Smart Features

Ensure that your 4K resolution gives you everything you want for non-gaming use. Do not forget the fact that you will not play your games for the entire day. You need other smart functions such as using your apps, streaming services, mirroring content from your phone or tablet. Additionally, you may also want a blend of online and over-the-air options.

You Don’t Have to Empty Your Bank Account

Generally speaking, you don’t have to spend more than you can afford to acquire a great 4k resolution set. Even as gaming may be expensive, dropping thousands on a premium 4K screen would be an injustice to your financial status. There are a wide variety of affordable sets at CompareRaja to choose from. Evidently, you will find included some budget-friendly sets under $1000 that will provide a satisfying performance.


Do not let the type of gaming screen you have to ruin your gaming experience. You should have at least a 4K resolution for a perfect gaming experience. Even though you may not be interested to play games, your siblings and children will appreciate the value of having the latest gaming screen.