online induction training

Works today become more complicated because of so many activities and compliance. Thus, tons of work software is invented and introduced in the market. One of the best work software is the online induction. It is one of the work software that makes the workflows simple, easy and fast.

What is an online induction?

An online induction is a workflow and process for managing primary and continued engagement to an employee, visitor or contractor into the workplace. Induction is normally repeated year by year to make sure that the worker stays updated on changes in the workplace. The update will be on the procedures, policies or new safety measures. An online induction covers a wide range of areas such as collecting needed materials from the worker. It covers such as the following:

  • Certifications
  • Emergency contacts
  • Evidence of training
  • HR new starter information
  • Insurances

online induction training

Online induction app

An online induction comes with an application. You may engage in an online induction training on how to effectively use it. Thus, you can download and install the software on your mobile device or computer. The app will present important workplace content such as assessing understanding, safety materials, procedures, and policies. By installing the app and making use of it, it includes the checklists’ acknowledgment and issuing certificate or induction card of compliance acknowledgment. The process of the tool covers for the safety managers, facility managers, and HR managers engaged and managed contractors, visitors, and employees working on the site. What makes the app an ideal tool in the workplace? It has a simple yet effective answer. It can put the workflow online to let the workers complete the induction before arriving and starting to work in the workplace. An online induction training teaches how you can use the tool effectively. The tool can be installed on both Android and iOS. Good thing that the app can be used on mobile phones for easy access and availability.

How does it work?

An induction process works on the important part of engaging workers and continuous engagement in the workplace. It makes sure the compliance as the first entry point on the following:

  • Achieving acknowledgment for safety
  • Collecting and keeping insurances and certifications
  • establishing workplace culture
  • HR materials
  • raising safety awareness
  • reducing the risk for employers
  • understanding business policies and procedures

All these are important in engaging the workplace. An induction will be taken as soon as hired and on the date, they start working. Or, it might be on the issued work order on conducting work as a contractor. Then, also it gets all the contractor staff or even the subcontractors being inducted too before arriving on the site to start working. A visitor is possible to make a visitor’s induction before arriving at the workplace for a meeting.