Nest vs Nest e

A smart thermostat is a core element in home automation. Any automated home lacking a thermostat isn’t worth to be called smart. We have multiple players in the smart thermostat making business, Nest being one of the top brands. Recently, they did introduce a new smart thermostat named, Nest vs Nest e, which is an advanced version of the original Nest thermostat. It’s a bit confusing for non-savvy thermostat buyers to differentiate the two, and that’s why we are here to give more details.

Nest vs Nest e—which is cheaper?

Nest thermostat E is smarter and more advanced, but cheaper by up to $70 when compared to the previous version. It’s the perfect version of Nest thermostat that caters for those with a low budget but still want to automate their homes, without incurring additional costs.

How Is It Made?

Nest thermostat e is manufactured using plastic materials, unlike the original version that is made out of robust metal materials. The only good news is that the polycarbonate plastic-like material used is a bit stronger and more durable. The thermostat has the same spin dial wrapping around it as it’s in the original model.

Nest vs Nest e

How Is the Display?

As it’s always the case with the majority of low priced products, the value you get from the Nest e thermostat is not so great. It uses the old-fashioned 1.78-inch 320×320 screen instead of the 3rd generation 2.08-inch 480×480 display.

It does Not Support Most HVACs

The first version of the Nest thermostat uses the latest technology and includes all the features ideal to make it more useful and reliable. It works with almost 90% of all HVAC models and brands, while the second version, the nest e model only works with a limited number of HVAC units. The third-generation Nest thermostat has over ten wire terminals, which make it possible to pair it to different HVAC units, while the nest thermostat e has six wire terminals only, which limits its connection to HVAC units.

Nest vs Nest e—Conclusion

Adding a smart thermostat to your home, while automating it comes with a whole range of benefits. Getting the right choice of thermostat for your home is quite a blessing, and you are sure to have the best moments while maintaining the right temperature during cold days.  The next is one of the biggest companies specializing in the production of current-day smart thermostats that match the specific needs of the modern-day user. Their latest two thermostat models, the Nest thermostat and the nest e thermostat have some of the perfect choices for most homeowners. We have reviewed them in details above, and so making a choice would not be a big deal.