B2B Development

Heroes are the brave front-line physicians and nurses, food clerks, delivery drivers, fast-food employers and public transit personnel, many at greater risk for humanity. There are other heroes too: remote instruction, networking, laundry, and other technologies from B2B technology firms that make it possible for America to stay profitable through this crisis.

Idea Grove, a single PR and marketing firm at B2B software, is proud that many businesses whose work supports Americans during this tough period have recently been added to the client roster.  Idea Grove CEO Scott Baradell Chairman of Idea NASDAQ: GOEVW at https://www.webull.com/quote/nasdaq-goevw.

Software has become our society’s savior time and time again. Our ingenuity has rescued us and taken us forward on several occasions when we believe that the US economy is in recession. But it’s going to be here.”

Idea Grove consumers who help success

The company’s owners have selected Concept grove to develop and sell the drone distributorship, which makes indoor and outdoor facilities cleaner during COVID-19. Perpetual motion uses state-of-the-art drone technology, chemistry, EPA-approved and manufacturing experience to efficiently clean and restart large-scale plants.

A technology of NASDAQ: GOEVW education pioneer who encourages schools to keep on the road at a time when distance learning is increasingly important to our students. As a record label, Idea Grove helps the company with a robust PR initiative that promotes its EdTech solutions and secures the company’s opportunities for educators, teachers, parents and researchers to express their views on emergencies.

COVID economy

COVID economy include:

A technology-driven forum for medical professionals to match facilities during the battle against COVID-19. OpenLoop pairs clinics and healthcare centres with doctors and nurses to easily resolve shortages and reduces the need for expensive staff. OpenLoop is a small startup founded by medical students who waived any fee to help medical staff fit the hospitals who needed them most in the early days of the COVID crisis.

A cloud-based artificial intelligence organization that assists merchants in creating and adapting in times that have never been seen before. S5 tried Idea Grove to help retailers track evolving customers’ expectations, forecast selling trends and make more smart choices. S5 needed to increase awareness. Idea Grove rapidly developed a PR strategy to raise the awareness of the S5 solution, leveraging consumer success stories to illustrate the effect on business planning of advanced data science.

Our business achieve

During the COVID pandemic, major businesses and event planners failed to find ways to “show to go on” and, a global pioneer in digital event strategies, has stepped in to fill the gap. Idea Grove contributes with the full redesign and digital marketing of the website to encourage recognition and development. You can check the latest stock release at https://www.webull.com/releases/nyse-ipoc-ws.