Smart devices have changed, and still do today, the way in which millions of people around the world search for and buy products. The value of the mobile in the purchase process goes beyond the sales that are generated directly through its use, but it plays an increasingly relevant role in the decision phase.

For today’s consumers who are constantly connected to the internet from a computer, tablet or smartphone, shopping never stops, and whether they have to buy a consumer product or research an expensive item, they do not hesitate to resort to it immediately and spontaneously to your mobile device. Those micro-moments in which you want to make a purchase are important for consumers and fundamental for brands, as they are connection opportunities that will determine the success of a satisfied need and the triumph of a consummate sale.

In this way, the phone becomes the preferred purchasing assistant that helps the user to make a decision by showing him product ratings, descriptions and opinions; information that represents at the right moment the perfect impulse to receive the necessary advice and convert the stimulus into a sale made.

Undoubtedly, this constant access to information demands of companies that want to optimize their mobile presence, adapt to the immediacy and relevance of the proposals to meet current consumer expectations, providing all the information they want and related to the brand. To do this, our experts recommend that you take advantage of the existing variety of digital strategies for mobile devices. Reach us today at

Take advantage of the mobile in the purchase process

In the strategic planning consultancies provided by our experts, we have detected that most companies consider mobile devices as a means to increase brand awareness to subsequently influence purchasing decisions but forget a key point: that consumers use their smartphones to carry out searches at the precise moment that they evaluate options, that is, at the beginning of their purchase funnel, and if they find an ideal proposal they are able to make a decision quickly.

Since these moments when you want to make a purchase also become valid instances to look at and compare products, your brand must create a variety of content useful to expand business strategies on mobile devices, both for important and relative products importance. What does all this imply? That now and more than ever it is essential to know and understand how consumers use their mobiles to make a decision. Only in this way will you be able to interfere in this process with strategies that push the user to carry out actions that go beyond search and opt for conversion.

Without a doubt, there are many opportunities and threats, opening the game to the conquest not only of your brand but also of your competitors.