If ever you have come across the term web hosting, you would have heard of the term cloud hosting! Cloud hosting is also named cloud computing.

Before jumping to cloud hosting, let us have a look at web hosting.

While you develop a website on your private computers, some space has to be allocated on the web servers to make it visible globally. The process of placing web pages on the servers is called hosting. There are multiple web hosting types, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting and cloud hosting.

Let us understand the types of hosting:

Shared hosting is the type where your website shares space with multiple other websites on the web server.  This type is opted by the users who are new to web hosting. It is the cheapest web hosting type that can be afforded by anyone. The setup process is made easier.

There are some drawbacks like limited availability of resources, load on other websites stopping the working of your website, security issues, etc. Shared web hosting is a better option for small scale and medium scale businesses.

Dedicated hosting makes you the owner of the entire server. Though this type is costly, it includes unlimited resources. Here you are not sharing your website with anyone. Enterprise-level business and e-commerce applications may prefer dedicated hosting. Though you get an entire physical server, you may not use the resources allocated to you. In this case, you are paying for the web hosting resources you never used.

The solution to this is cloud hosting.

The cloud is the consolidation of multiple physical servers across the globe. These servers store the information of the website but not on a single server. Cloud hosting saves your data in distributed form. Cloud hosting works on virtualization in which the virtual machine accesses different servers across the cloud. Cloud hosting provides flexibility, security and scalability much better than other hosting types.

The key features of cloud hosting are:

  • Applications/ software work on a cloud network rather than a single server.
  • You pay for utilized resources only.
  • Cloud supports SQL as well as no SQL databases.
  • The API’s, web portals and web applications automate and control the solutions.

Cloud hosting is preferred over another hosting type because of the following reasons:

Scalability : Cloud hosting provides unlimited and width and scalability options. According to the requirement of the website, the resources are scaled.

Pay-as-you-go : You only pay for the resources you use. The payment system is different from the traditional hosting type.

Reliability : Though a server fails, your website will still be running smoothly as the web pages are on multiple servers over the cloud. Load on other websites won’t affect the working of your website as traffic travels through various channels.

Cloud hosting can be managed or unmanaged.

Unmanaged cloud:

This cloud provides the core cloud services but, the rest of the things are DIY. You only buy the cloud infrastructure but have to take care of the running of the website. Here, manageable services are not provided by the cloud hosting providers. One should have the technical expertise or have an in-house technical team to manage cloud infrastructure.  Amazon’s AWS cloud hosting provides an unmanaged cloud hosting facility.

Managed cloud hosting:

In managed cloud hosting, you buy the infrastructure and various manageable services. The cloud hosting provider manages your cloud configuration, storage, design, architecture, etc. This type provides better security and monitors the platform for cyber threats.

Now that we have seen cloud hosting in detail, it is imperative to know the best cloud hosting provider.

There are multiple cloud hosting providers in the market, but knowing which the best is is essential.

 MilesWeb is one of the leading web hosting companies providing various hosting services like shared, VPS, dedicated servers and managed AWS cloud hosting. The company has more than 20,000 happy customers across the globe. They have data centers in Canada, UK, the USA, India, Singapore and Australia. The 24*7 customer support makes them the most reliable in the web hosting business.

Reasons to go for, MilesWeb managed AWS cloud hosting.

The company provides cloud hosting services to Linux and Windows OS, which most service providers don’t give. You have the liberty to select OS and the hosting location.

MilesWeb helps you in :

  • Selecting a suitable plan for your business.
  • Managing the account for uptime, network, and security.
  • Updating servers and OS for security purposes.

What is AWS cloud hosting?

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services, which is a cloud platform providing a variety of cloud-based services. AWS is a massive market place providing end-to-end online solutions to thousands of companies, including small, large, public and private. AWS is the right solution for cloud computing, digital marketing, mobile services, financial services, support plans, Big Data, etc.

AWS offers various products some are listed below:

  • Networking
  • Analytics
  • Developer Tools
  • Management Tools
  • Robotics
  • Content Delivery
  • Security and Enterprise Applications

The AWS cloud furnishes a lot of products and services which are not managed by them. Users may not have hands-on technical details about cloud hosting management. To make that simple, MilesWeb manages your cloud effectively, efficiently and at a cheaper cost.

The managed AWS cloud hosting provided by MilesWeb gives you the best features like distributed network availability, scalability, high security and consistency. The company furnishes 7 different services under Linux AWS cloud hosting and 7 services under Windows AWS cloud hosting. AWS Linux cloud plans are named AWS V1, AWS V2, AWS V3, AWS V4, AWS V5, AWS V6 and AWS V7. The base plan for Linux, AWS V1, provides 512MB of RAM, 1 vCPU, 20GB space and 512 GB bandwidth.

AWS Windows cloud plans are named AWS W1, AWS W2, AWS W3, AWS W4, AWS W5, AWS W6 and AWS W7. The base plan for Windows, AWS W1, provides 512MB of RAM, 1 vCPU, 30GB space and 512GB bandwidth.

MilesWeb gives you a controlled hosting of the AWS cloud while the AWS cloud itself is DIY with AWS. You don’t need to worry about administration. With MilesWeb all you can look forward to is increasing your company.

If you are really looking for the best-managed cloud hosting provider, hop into the website of MilesWeb.