Media Production Made Easier With Replication and Duplication Technology

Many people do not differentiate when it comes to replication and production of CD,DVD and Blu- Ray technology. Let me help you on differentiating the two and also explaining how you the CD, DVD, Blu-Ray Replication and Production, can be of help to your business and how you can have experts provide these two services at especially if you are doing commercial media. Blu-Ray Replication is advanced technology which is used to produce huge quantities of data from the original data. Replication is the process of manufacturing the commercial media. The same way production of products in the manufacturing industry happens using prototype product, your original data is used as the prototype to produce large quantities of similar data that can be used by a large audience. The replication process involves technology which transfers the glass master or the physical image and then the glass master is used to produce a stamper. The stamper is used for utilized for injecting the information into the foil. This is the foil that is used to produced other foils repeatedly hence replicating the data.


In other words, it is this technology of replication which is used to produce quantities of DVDs CDs or Blu-Ray. The information contained in the master copy is then protected by the layers of polycarbonate plastic and then packed according to the method that a client chooses either a DVD or a Jewel case. The package is now a more durable and safe disk.  When you replicate at you will have your discs printed on high quality in either Pantone spot or the CMYK colors. You can order for services of CD, DVD, Blu-Ray Replication and Production, you will enjoy fast services, quality services, and fair costs. We just replicate so fast for you and do every other additional service that might be of help to your business. You only bring your masterpiece let us handle the rest. There are some places you would go and be asked to bring your empty CDs or DVDs. For us, we don’t ask you to come with such because we understand that it might be difficult for clients to get the best. Therefore we provide blank CDs and DVDs for you. There you go! You can now replicate your data easily!

DVD, CD, and Blu-Ray Duplication are done by burning data from your master copy or disk to blank CD-Rs,DVD-Rs, Blu-Ray,DVD+Rs,  Or a water shield media. The technology of duplicating will take your original master disk by reading the data contained in it and creating an image file on the hard disc. This image is then compared to the original image to verify whether they are the same. The copied image is the duplicate in your new media by recording it with laser and then it’s again verified. The technology ensures that the image is verified twice so that you don’t get different data from a single master disc. It does so to ensure that there are no errors. A single error can translate to an error in all other CD, DVD, Blu-Ray Replication and Production,discs and that’s why you should choose your service provider wisely.