A security system has been around for a while. It has been a huge advantage on both residential and commercial properties. Commercial businesses become thankful for this invention, securing the building from bad guys. Hiring security guards to secure the entire commercial building is not enough. You have to install a second eye on the commercial business to double the security. The most innovative security access control is designed for every commercial business, security, and protection within the workplace.

24-hour monitoring and visitor management

Most of the time, these bad guys are surprising. You don’t know when they attack. So, it is crucial to secure within a parameter by installing a security system. It has a reliable monitoring system that captures and records everything happening within the reached area. Features of this security system tracks the people who enter and exit the workplace. In addition, areas with restrictions are possible with this security system. Giving alarms or letting selected people who can access the restricted area is possible. Whether you are a small or large-sized business, the monitoring system provides safety and protection within the commercial business. It has a 24-hour security system, keeping security within the area of security coverage. 

Modern key access system

Considering the face recognition system and some other security access systems can secure the safety of the commercial business. Using the following gives your employees access inside the building:

  • Proximity card
  • Swipe card
  • Door access
  • PIN code pads
  • Smart cards and more

All these are innovative security systems that are giving total protection to your asset.

Building access control system

Aside from security cameras, one of the most sophisticated systems today is the use of cards. These are not just ordinary cards but a designed card to access the building provided by the admin. Large commercial buildings faced problems on security like monitoring every person that enters and exits in the building. So, it is not all about the responsibility of the security guards. There should be a second security approach used, as the swiping cards. These cards are swiped to access the building, being an employee. If you are not an employee, then you can’t get access to the building. A door access security system is one of the most reliable security solutions. Your fingerprint, face, and more are used for permitting a person recognized by the software.

See how to upgrade the security access control of your commercials with the following solutions mentioned above.