The popularity of compact Home Printers, not only in domestic households, but in the small businesses, small offices, and retail counters everywhere, is now a fact of life. But all printers, however miniaturized, need ink for printing. Ink is nowadays supplied to these home printers in cartridge form, which is very convenient to use, without being messy. But cartridges initially started off as an expensive, if convenient, alternative to bottles of spillable ink and toners. But the huge demand for cartridges seem to have set the economy of scale in motion, and now a series of very cheap ink cartridges have hit the market as a Retail/Service, which is every bit as good as the earlier more expensive models, but come at a surprisingly low price.

The Best Retailers

ink for printing

The best online Retail/Service for budget priced ink cartridges in Australia is known widely as Cartridge Max. These Retailers have some fine features that distinguish them from all their competitors. Some of the features are as follows:

  • The Retailer has a fully online operation. The website is easily accessible, and a smooth navigation system guides the Customer to order the best-fit cartridge for his or her printer.
  • The quality and freshness of each cartridge is guaranteed by the Retailer.
  • Replacements for the occasional defect are immediately remedied by replacement. Thus, Customers can have no long-standing complaints.
  • Delivery is FREE all over Australia, provided it is within the vast network of the online Retailer, and the order value is over AU$65.
  • Substitutes for most major brands of ink cartridges are available, which are of the same quality level, but at a much lower price.
  • In-house testing facilities/laboratories and test expertise allows the Retailers to ensure that strict quality control is exercised.
  • Also of course, the economies of scale apply here, as bulk purchases by the Retailers allows procurement at highly discounted prices. A maximum portion of the price advantage, whether by substitution or discount, is generally passed on to the individual Customer.
  • While most of the Brands of ink cartridges are featured in the listed catalogues, also presented are the cheap ink cartridges that can be substituted without harm for the costlier Branded versions.
  • The website has Search features which can guide the Buyer to locate a suitable ink cartridge for the make, serial number, and brand of his Printer.
  • This “Auto search” feature ensures error-free selection of the cheaper cartridges.

Of course, Branded quality is always ahead of un-branded substitutes, but the price difference is also significant, particularly in offices or homes where the usage factor is quite heavy. The resultant cost savings can be quite important to the User.