Using Bulk SMS in Marketing

The 21st century, which is also a digital era where cellphones are affordable and easily available. Consumers are constantly active on their handsets, whether they are smartphones or not, irrespective of their age, thus making texting a popular choice for communication.

It’s the most appropriate way to reach your audience who are keen on your products. Compared to other marketing tools, bulk SMS has proven to be among the best techniques.

With zero exceptions in what your industry or firm deals with SMS marketing is unlikely to let you down.

Here are key points of why bulk SMS are important in this digital era and should be considered by all service providers :

Fast method to reach customers
Text messages reach a wide audience in a matter of seconds, which also provides a chance to the customers to give instant feedback, thus making it the fastest mode of communication as compared to its counterparts. Users can engage with their customers any time of day which makes big corporates accessible to everyone in spite of their social class.

Generates word of mouth
When you use text messaging for marketing, you will not only engage with your existing customers, but also you will be able to reach their friends and family, reaching a bigger audience in the long run-through word of mouth.

The opt in/out option
With the opt-in option, the user of bulk SMS can easily build their database and keep count of their clients to determine how fast or slow their target audience is growing, while opt-out gives customers an opportunity to unsubscribe to avoid spamming.

Extremely cost effective
Text messages are way more affordable as compared to other marketing options, for instance social media marketing, which are on the higher end.

SMS sent for the purpose of marketing tend to be direct, short and simple, giving the user a chance to pass information using fewer words which eventually cost less, making it very cost effective.

SMS have a high open rate
Marketing SMS are highly unlikely to get ignored, unlike spam emails or social media inboxes. A customer will open an SMS almost immediately it arrives on their cellphone and also respond to it if need be.

According to the latest research, SMS open rates are at a whopping 98% as compared to just 20% of emails, and it takes 90 seconds and 90 minutes to respond to them, respectively.

Convenient for customers
Majority of people find it convenient to have quick access to all their important service providers through SMS instead of in-store visits etc. Consumers who are environmentally conscious are highly likely to lean towards SMS than other methods of marketing like pamphlets or fliers which aren’t environmentally friendly.

Text messaging does not require an internet connection
All mobile phones come with the messaging function which is pre-installed and ready to use. It does not require the internet to send or receive messages, which makes it favorable for consumers who are not tech savvy or aren’t conversant with internet usage.