How You Can Incorporate WordPress With an Ecommerce Website

If you are thinking of putting up an online store and you are thinking to look for wordpress to make it occur.  As most of the websites that are online are wordpress powered with best purpose. It is also a strong, best, and scalable platform. The WordPress and ecommerce web development are common and popular in the recent era. It is crucial to approach the wordpress without you considering the options of alternatives. Because it might be a great platform for some but it is not for others. If you think of selling some items then you can attach ecommerce site to WordPress. Let’s discuss how to build ecommerce website with the involvement of wordpress.

The step by step process to include ecommerce website with WordPress

First step – Score the perfect domain name

The website’s unique address is the domain name itself. From the sites like Namecheap you can purchase the domain name which you think as the best one. You can also discover the one which is at less rate and is also free. Some might exist in many dollars. It is best to name your domain which is nearer to your name of the brand.

Second step – sign up to the provider of hosting

It is your time to look for the provider of hosting. Each website requires hosting for sure. You need to think about the store you are building before choosing the best hosting provider. Don’t go for shared hosting as you need to partner up with someone. So, it is somewhat a risky thing. In offering the best hosting providers Bluehost is the one. So, pick it and then move on to the next step.

Third step – Introduce wordpress

You can discover two kinds of ways to introduce wordpress, one is through one click and next is to download the wordpress software and upload it to the account of hosting.

Fourth step – Introduce and configure Woocommerce

To add the operationality of an ecommerce website or platform, you require a plugin called woocommerce. This is the plugin which a community built with available tools for building ecommerce website. You can turn your site into a good website with the accessibility of cart and checkout, secure payments, label printing, and shipping choices etc. You need to introduce and activate the plugin Woocommerce, then add details of business, choose options of payment, and confirm options of shipping.

WordPress and ecommerce web development

Fifth step – Pick a theme

For your website content, your site theme is going to act as web design. You need to pick the theme by searching the web and design your site with best themes.

Sixth step – Add items

Now it is the time to add the products that you are going to sell through your ecommerce website. In the Woocommerce you are going to receive all the tools required for adding your overall products.

Seventh step – Introduce extra plugins

If you need any extra plugins then you can add those plugins to your site.

Eight step – Add content

It is the time to add your information or content to the added products. This step will cover almost all the things needed to start an ecommerce website.

Ninth step – Make your state public:

At last, the steps of creating your website is completed. Now it is the time to make your site public to the customers.

Thus, these are the nine steps to include ecommerce website with the WordPress platform for making your brand name public and gain profits.