How to Trim and Cut Video in Imovie

Looking for the steps for how to cut and trim the video in Imovie? Then you are on the right page. The Imovie is the incredible software which is best for editing the video in high-quality. There are many different types of Imovie for Windows alternative, which also helps you in editing the videos. But Imovie is the great software which helps you in editing your movies and makes your videos more funny and interesting to watch. This software is easy to use, and you can easily manage the video editing software without any issue. While you start this software for editing videos, then you will get the effective results in editing the video like professional.

Imovie is the software which comes with the different types of features includes in it. The feature you can use in the editing video, and it will help you in creating the video more interesting and funny. So if you need any software of video editing, then Imovie is the only software which is ideal to use. This gives the top-result in editing the video without any issue, and the entire process of this software is very easy to manage, and it will only take less time to edit the video. The time of editing depends on you like special effects, voices, soundtracks and background edit, etc. All these things need a lot of time to happen and if you need to do the simple editing, then Imovie will provide you the best results.

Imovie for windows alternative

Steps of how to trim and cut the videos on Imovie for Windows alternative:

Step 1: At very first step you have to download the Imovie from the internet for Windows and right after downloading this software install the software in your PC.

Step 2: After that, open the Imovie in your PC and press on the “Project” icon. Right after this click on the create new icon>movie which appears on the notification or Pop-Up

Step 3: Once you do the above step, now you have to select the file and import media for importing the video which you want to trim and cut in the Imovie software.

Step 4: After this, you have to click on the drag and drop option to enter the video in the timeline. Next, you can use your mouse to split the video position and click on it.

Step 5: Once you completed the above step, then click on the Modify tab and chose the option of split clip to cut the part of the video into two parts. If you think this is a long process, then you can use the shortcut key which is command+ B, which is a quick way to cut the video.

Step 6: At Last click on the delete icon for deleting the cutting part of the video.