There are various symptoms to know if your laptop needs a repair or not. Can you diagnose them at home and if so, how?

  Some issues may be simple that you can solve at home whereas some may need professional care. At times, you may have to replace your device when it is damaged beyond repair.

The following is a list of ways you can identify repairs to your laptop 

  • Battery issues

The most common issue after some years of use is the battery issue. Your battery does not hold a charge or does not charge at all. The icon shows the battery as connected but does not charge. This may happen due to years of continuous charging.

  When this occurs you will need laptop battery repair. A replacement battery is available from the manufacturer. You may write to them the issue and buy a new battery. If there is any warranty claim, try to inform the manufacturer. Sometimes the problem may be with the adapter or the laptop’s charging port. You should also look into these before you order your new battery.

  • Programs run slowly

Do you feel like it’s taking forever for your files to open, or is the startup taking too long? The reason could be the non-performance of system maintenance.

Your system may need a clean-up. Over time, many files would have accumulated and this eats up the disk space. The temporary files have to be deleted frequently to free up space. Also, check if your browser needs an update. Disk optimization helps you in utilizing the available space efficiently.

  • Unexpected shutdown

At times your laptop may shut down suddenly when you are working on something. You will lose those data that you did not save. Check if you are facing this issue frequently.

The problem may be with your battery or your hard drive. If you feel simple troubleshooting does not help, you have to approach an expert for servicing your laptop.

  • Laptop gets heated

If you are using the device continuously it is normal for it to get heated up. But an alarming difference must be noted. You should take some time out and check for the underlying problem.

It is always better to use a cooling pad when you use a laptop as it has vents that prevent heat from staying at the bottom of your device.

The above listed are some basic issues that need repairs. There may be some other reasons like port not working, connectivity issues, screen issues, etc. Seek the help of a service center further.