Whatever the size of your business or the industry you are part of, DaaS (Desktop as a Service) should be considered. It has become a trend especially for those concerned with data privacy, security, and compliance. Before anything, you should at least understand how Desktop as a service works.

DaaS refers to a cloud computing solution that collates all data and applications via a centralised hub. A 3rd-party vendor effectively manages DaaS. In this kind of service, the employees are given access through desktops that are connected to the server. Simply put, DaaS is an IT service that maintains a server.

With this, no data is stored on the employee’s device. Ultimately, all the business applications and files are stored securely in the cloud giving employees access anytime and anywhere. This also mitigates the risk of losing or stealing the data.

Now that you know how it works, it is time to understand why it matters to your business.

It is cost-efficient

The biggest benefit of DaaS is the significant reduction in IT spending. You must understand that traditional desktop computer infrastructures are expensive as well as heavy in maintenance since it requires regular upgrades. Aside from this, they are bound to breakdown or worse, become outdated.

When this happens, your business is forced to replace the equipment or undergo time-consuming upgrades or repairs. In the end, it can stall your business. In the case of DaaS, upgrades are conducted remotely and with the right provider, you do not need an IT team to maintain the network.

It offers flexibility

DaaS is particularly beneficial for SMEs because it allows owners to buy only the infrastructure or services according to business needs or requirements. DaaS also allows the business owners to remove or add hosted desktops every month.

It increases security as well as compliance

DaaS is considered by many SMEs because it establishes secure remote connections. In this modern digital age, a data breach is common. While hard drives and PCs are naturally vulnerable, DaaS cannot be lost, hacked or stolen. With the help of DaaS, the company’s sensitive information is stored securely.

It encourages employee mobility

As mentioned earlier, with DaaS, all the business applications and files are stored securely in the cloud giving employees access anytime and anywhere. DaaS also encourages BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy because of its compatibility with mobile devices and personal laptops.

Since applications and data are hosted in the cloud, the team can access tools on-demand from any device in a quick manner anywhere they go. This is called employee mobility. In the end, this improves employee productivity, workflow, and efficiency.

It speaks of high performance

DaaS is the ideal way to guarantee maximum uptime. This is made possible through redundant power supplies as well as the reliable Internet in data centers. When you look at it closely, DaaS gives you access to several servers to perform as one unit for processing as well as storage. When you need to expand memory or upgrade the processor, you do not need to spend intensively – you just ask.

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