Instagram likes are so popular that it defines the prestige of a brand the brands often promote themselves on Instagram and try to get the maximum number of followers and free likes on Instagram. Not only brands are marketed on Instagram but also the people.  One such example we can think of is promoting of politicians on Instagram during elections the political party tries to get the maximum youth support and what can be better to promote their leader on Instagram.

How is Instagram the trendiest platform?

 If a celebrity posts a picture with a new designer suit following some days a lot Instagram retail stores sell the same suit, well isn’t it amazing you get to buy the most trendy suit from online shop yes that’s the power that Instagram holds today connecting a retailer with a lot of potential buyers all over the world hence helping them to increase the sale also giving the buyers a variety of choice. If a person wishes to promote their startup they can very easily do so through posting posts on Instagram, making pages, asking their friends to promote as stories, well technically a person can easily reach out to a large number of people following him without incurring any costs #promotion done right.

free likes on Instagram

How are hashtags important?

Talking about Instagram every one of us follow the people we like on Instagram and by following we don’t just follow them on Instagram we follow them in real life we follow their lifestyle, and most importantly we follow their looks, their dressing style #Makeup on point #Dress which is the new trend the hashtags continue the same way . The hashtags now govern our life earlier when people used to go to parties or travel to places to enjoy their time now people go to parties to get pictures clicked and post it on Instagram to get Instagram likes. Since I have started talking about traveling people often share their location to where they are #driving to Delhi, giving an open invitation to crime. Every day we come across news reporting highway kidnapping, killing, dacoit, etc. still we are so ignorant and don’t think twice before sharing our location are people not considerate about their privacy any longer or are becoming an Instagram addict and they have to share everything to their followers, followers being known -unknown doesn’t matter they need to have huge followers.

 It is no doubt Instagram is a very good platform, but also one should always be careful with the technologies use it wisely to make the best out of it because one’s safety is in one’s hand which can never be ignored #Be safe to be happy.