The increasing theft and vandalism rates have pushed us to a stage where having a secure CCTV system at your home or office has become crucial. CCTV cameras have become a part of our life and property safety. However, recent advancements in technology have made analog CCTV cameras outdated. Upgrading your outdated CCTV system with a new system comes with great benefits. But, irrespective of the type of security system you use, the company from which you buy makes a big difference. Many CCTV systems lose their efficiency within a few months if they don’t get regular security updates. Always buy your security cameras from companies like Hikvision, which designs the world’s best security systems. Though this brand is banned in US where government offices can’t buy from the company, the prohibition seems baseless. Common people can still upgrade their security system with Hikvision tools. Here are the reasons why you should upgrade your CCTV system now.

Benefit from the Latest Advancements and Features

If you are still using CCTV cameras that are working on analog, VCR, or DVR system, it’s high time that you get rid of it and upgrade your security system. Technology has improved more than what you expected and now you can operate CCTV cameras on the tip of your fingers. The newer technologies offer you the best security with improved camera and storage quality.


High-Quality Image and Display

A CCTV camera’s picture quality deteriorates with time and by now you must be witnessing a grainy footage on your CCTV footage display screen. You can now get better-quality footage with high-resolution cameras. Such megapixel cameras come with features to recognize one’s face and zoom in. This will certainly ease your job when monitoring a location. High-quality display devices come with a touch-screen feature to help you zoom-in, zoom-out and navigate through other screens.

Easy to Install

Many people believe that installing new CCTV cameras is a tedious task. The world has changed. Now, security camera manufacturing companies are designing their cameras by keeping the installation process as a key term. Now, installing CCTV cameras isn’t as hard as it was before.

Control Them with Your Mobile

An astounding increase in the use of mobile phones has inspired the CCTV security system as well. Now, CCTV systems allow you to gain access to the footage on your phone. You can view what’s happening in your CCTV environment in real time from anywhere in the world. These systems come with alarms to notify you when there is any suspicious activity detected.

Cost Efficient

Though high-end security cameras cost more than analog CCTV cameras, they save a big amount in case cable wires are used to implement the circuits. Analog security cameras use separate wires for video, audio and power, which increases the cost of the system. Whereas new CCTV cameras use just one cable to handle multiple cameras. This can save you a big amount.

Having a CCTV system that works on old technology is almost equal to not having a secure surveillance system. Now that you know the benefits of getting a new CCTV system, go ahead and buy one now.