Phone Spy

Whether it’s order tracking or social networking, it’s a very awkward situation to have a lost or stolen cell phone. As some people prefer to be even more secure in locating their device, we are going to introduce some apps that can help when you need to use technology to your advantage to recover your smartphone. All apps on our list are free. For the use of the same you can use now.

Find my device (Android)

Rated on the Play Store with 4.3 out of 5, this Google mobile tracking app is a favorite of Android users. By making use of it, you will find features like:

  • Sound enables to find out where your lost smartphone is
  • Interactive map with location information of your device
  • Prevent the thief from accessing your data

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To be able to access all the tools that the Android find app offers, it is essential that you have location and contact access permissions enabled. Also remember to keep the app updated to avoid problems using it.

iHound (iOS)

In addition to the native iPhone and iPad app we mentioned above, you can have a second option. We are talking about mobile phone tracking using iHound. This app has many more features than simply locating your device, it can beep, and erase your data so that the stolen person won’t have access.

Because few people have downloaded it, there are not yet an exact number of ratings for this app to track down stolen mobile phones, but its functionality is not to be missed. For those who want extra security on their iOSdevice, this is a recommendation that our team of experts indicates.

Phone Spy

Cerberus Anti-Theft and Data Protection (Android and iOS)

Last but not least, in addition to being able to locate mobile by number, as we mentioned earlier, there is one more free application that can help you protect your data, regardless of whether your smartphone has been stolen or lost. For Android devices the anti-theft version is available, while for iOS only the data protection version. Let us explain both so that you understand better.

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In case you want to track Android with Cerberus, just download it from the Play Store and install the app. Once it is installed, simply create a registration and have a username and password, enter them and access your account. The app will redirect to settings where you can enable the functions.

Among the app’s features such as locating an Android phone or tablet, we highlight the fact that you can block your stolen or lost device from shutting down. With this, whoever took your device will not be able to turn off the device. You can also erase your data, and even capture videos of the person with your device.

In the iOS version, the Cerberus mobile number tracking app gives you full control over your data as well, protecting your information so your device’s interceptor can’t verify your information even if it finds a way to unlock your screen. For both Android and iPhone, the app is free, but over time will require a monthly fee.

Well, regardless of whether you have iOS or Android, there are several app options to track your phone. Our suggestion is that you have at least one of them installed on your device, so you will be ready when something unforeseen happens. Start protecting your device today.