Web hosting companies give each customer two options – a shared and dedicated server. Some people go for a cheaper choice, which is the shared server. It is cheap but not as good as the dedicated server. A dedicated server is a single web server in a network of computers dedicated to only one customer. A dedicated server is preferred by large businesses as it meets the requirements of huge businesses.

When choosing a dedicated hosting provider, you and your website get the full resources of a single server. You will not have the worry of other websites jamming up the server’s CPU and RAM. You can also be assured that a bad script running on other websites or any spikes in the use of bandwidth will not be slowing your server and your website down.

Although a dedicated server is more expensive than a shared server, know that you can avail of cheap 1gbps dedicated serverNow, you can avail of all the benefits a dedicated server offers without digging a hole in your pocket.

What makes a dedicated server the ideal choice?

  • It lets you install data applications.
  • It allows you to have full control over the operating system of the server.
  • It lets you customize your computer’s hardware, network connectivity, and routing materials.
  • It is perfect for people who want a huge data space and bandwidth.
  • It provides the services you need at a small cost.
  • It allows clients to install their preferred software with administrative options and top-notch flexibility. All these become possible because clients don’t need to share resources with others.
  • Dedicated servers have the ability to manage firewalls as well as access to the password and anything that ensures your site’s security reason.
  • This kind of server helps individuals to co-share hosting rights of different sites that are marketing servers or products which are on offer. It is the cheapest alternative compared to an alternative server of similar grouping. It as well helps you make use of the resources that you have been allocated. There is very minimal sharing, thus leading to exceptional performance.

What to keep in mind?

Should you switch to a dedicated server, make sure you have the technical skill so that you can easily handle any issues that you might encounter while using the server. If you are going to choose a dedicated server, you have to make sure you consider all important factors such as the hardware options, operating system, and bandwidth, to name a few. Basically, a dedicated server offers all the perks you won’t find in a shared server.