Beginner’s Guide To Video Marketing

Out of all the marketing strategies, video marketing is the oldest and the most efficient form of marketing. From TV advertisements to commercial programs, this method is being adopted since the dawn of television. With the addition of so many new media platforms, this has become an even more important and far-reaching marketing tool in recent times. The concept of ‘going viral’ has exploded among the current video content creators. Most brands and agencies today are employing this method of marketing as their top most medium, seeing as how crucial, video has become on almost every platform and channel. Its outreach is the most extensive and hence is the most strategic means of attracting an audience. The consumption of visual content has become massive especially after the introduction of smart phones and mobile devices.

What is video marketing? 

As the term suggests, video marketing is nothing but the marketing of a product, brand or service by the medium of videos and visual content. It captures the two most impactful senses of the audience, hearing and sight by combining two forms of media ,Sound and Image, through these videos.

However, any brand or company has to be sure that they are utilizing this tool in the most profitable manner, by minimizing the production cost and maximizing the amount of viewers that they garner. Some key features to keep in mind are:

  1. Story rather than sales.

Any video used for marketing should prioritize the story of a brand rather than the actual sales. Nobody likes to watch videos with people rambling on and on about a certain product like a salesman. The audience prefers to watch authentic and relatable stories rather than a cheap sales pitch. Video can be a versatile tool for such businesses and sales people, only if they plan and implement innovative ideas to keep their audience engaged.

  1. Keep it short and engaging.

Today’s short attention span audience, finds long videos and content too boring and difficult to engage in. A minute or two into the video should be enough to ensnare the viewers by sparking their curiosity level. It should be simple enough to be easily understood and entertaining enough to hook their attention. Add witty humour and  sarcasm where needed, as its the most fun way of reaching a larger audience. 

  1. Use the best editing tools.

Make the videos as visually appealing as possible and incorporate better graphics, effects and attractive visual themes as well as sounds. There are innumerable video editing tools in the market, free and paid, that let you enhance the video quality. Employ the use of the best editing tools according to the latest trends to make sure that the video stays on the top and has the most profound effect on its audience.

  1. Optimize it for SEO.

There are a few tactics that can be utilized to make sure these videos appear easily on search engines. The first and foremost is to maximize the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) value by hosting at an original domain. The enabling of embedding on the video helps people reach these videos easily with the help of marketing links. It is important to ensure that the video is tagged with a suitable description, a unique and attractive title as well as relevant keywords.