Backlinks are an indispensable step to get good results online. You know that the solutions to place your web pages are different, you can’t leave anything to chance. Working with content marketing means producing useful information for the public, and this is the engine of your business.

But you also have to climb the serp and place the website in the upper areas of the page. On page work is important, you must write well and organize the website in the best possible way. But there is a passage that you cannot ignore: the off-page SEO which, mainly, means earning inbound links. With the use of the seo backlinks this is the best deal now.

Exactly, hyperlinks that send clicks to your domain

All this should be done in the most natural way possible, without forcing. Google is very clear about it. But before starting to work on a strategy to acquire these mentions, it is right to start with some questions.

What are backlinks: definition

A backlink is a hyperlink, which is a reference that sends from one page to another, which a webmaster inserts naturally. Or at least that’s the basic idea. The entire web architecture is based on the links you click, it is thanks to these elements that the network is structured as we know it now.

These are incoming links, or mentions that other websites make towards your pages. This can happen for several reasons, usually because there is an interest or because you have given something interesting to an audience.

An example of a backlink

To recognize a backlink just look at the code, even if it is sufficient to do a little test first. You are in the presence of this element when, by clicking on it, you head to a different domain than the one you are moving into.

What are the elements of a backlink that you can see in this example? It starts with the opening tag, then there is the reference URL which can be the home or a specific resource , the anchor text represented by a series of words and the closing tag. The same code can be used for internal links.

That is those that bring personal resources and not off the website. The moment we add a domain in this string that is different from the one we are in, we are adding an outgoing link. So I’m donating a backlink to someone who will be very grateful. Why? Here is the explanation.

What relationship with SEO and UX?

The inclusion of outgoing links, the famous backlinks, has a significant impact for SEO and the user experience.

  • Indicate a source.
  • Suggest insights.
  • Insert credits for extra content.

What does extra content mean? Images, presentations, quotes. To optimize everything also from the point of view of readability you must use anchor text with a meaning, understandable at first glance.