Advantages of Using IBM’s Cloud

When we talk about cloud computing, nothing is wrong with having the competitive benefit. IBM’s iseries cloud is a go-to solution even for the seamless integration in the private and public cloud environments. Here is why your company must make a switch:

    Open Technologies

        Built over open technologies to make sure flexibility and interoperability

    Hybrid Integration

        Unlock current data with the integrated hybrid cloud.

Available analytics and data

        Get deeper insights with the advanced and powerful analytics features.

    Cognitive services

        Build learning and understanding in learning and decisions.

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iSeries cloud

When Should You Not Use IBM Cloud

Suppose you want to set up the short-term cloud instance in hurry, probably IBM is not a vendor for you. And where other cloud vendors will spin up instances within seconds and minutes, it will take over 4 hours to configure the Bluemix metal server. Whereas customization and flexibility possibilities make this time lag acceptable at some situations, probably it will not be a best selection for the team setting up the fat dev and test environment that they just plan to use it for some hours and days.

IBM Cloud probably is not the right choice for budget-conscious company. Whereas the storage rates are very competitive, the compute prices are very less so. Company appears to have placed the bigger emphasis over performance and flexibility than on the price leadership in such area.

Overall, IBM Cloud provides strong cloud computing abilities with unique cloud services, which other vendors don’t currently have. The brand names are confusing, and it is not very clear what it can eventually do with the SoftLayer service. But, company continues investing in the additional cloud centers & appears highly determined to maintain and grow the share of public cloud market.  We will take complete care of the IT storage & maintenance requirements with the cloud-based resources—thus you may concentrate on the core business.

Get iSeries Expertise


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