Hiring an SEO agency for your business can be a game-changer that finally puts your business on the digital map.  However, you also need to contact the correct service providers to make sure that your investment in the SEO strategies actually pans put. Fortunately, you will be allowed to take consults with a vast number of agencies before you zone in on the right one for your business and your exact market vision. However, to find this one gem from a pack of choices, you should know exactly the smart questions to ask to collect all of the pertinent information. Here are the top 5 questions that you can include in this checklist while you prep for your first-ever consult with SEO agencies.

Do they customise a package to suit your needs?

Every business has different requirements from their SEO strategy. So the professionals you hire must understand your specific needs before they customise a plan that yields specific results. Often ready to order packages fall flat of giving the exact type of results because they are not tailored to your business requirements- while you might get the traffic they might not be the right kind transition into proper leads. So, your first line of question should be about the level of customisation that the agency offers for their SEO packages.


What is your range of contract lengths?

Contract lengths should be justifiably at par with the amount of time they would need to show you tangible results for your digital marketing strategies. A customer should only have to make the choice of renewing a contract after having seen proper SEO results with the initial term.

Do they offer other integrated services to enhance the SEO package?

This is the age of intuitive marketing. If your agency offers other integrated services such as direct messaging or business appointment setting which can be integrated with the SEO services to get your traffic directly converted to leads, it will help yield better, more organic results for your overall website marketing.

When can I see tangible results?

As mentioned, this is by far one of the most important questions and should always be paired with the question for contract lengths to get a rounded answer that will help you make the right choice. Ideally, the period for results should be less than a contract term length.

Any previous client references

This act actually gives more power to the clients to give their views on the way they have been treated not just with regards to results but also with professionalism and manners from the agency. Getting to talk with past and existing clients helps you to adjust your own relationship with the agency based on mutual trust.

Choosing SEO Perth WA companies can be gruesome, with the sheer amount of representation thrown your way as soon as word gets out that you are looking to hire one. However, these questions will help you sift the wheat from chaff leaving you with the most ideal of the professionals who will actually make you a stronger digital team in the future.