A website is only good for the number of pages that it holds. If someone is only gaining the traffic but is not able to turn visitors into long term customers, then you might be having an issue with the bounce rate. Bounce Rate is the rate at which the customers will bounce off before converting. When building a market strategy with Web Development Sydney, the bounce rate is something to be considered. There are some key issues to improve the bounce rate. Sometimes slow load times might also force the people to bounce sooner than what they have intended.

Effective Ways to Improve the Bounce Rate of Site

  1. Make Use of Visual Hierarchy Method

If you want to improve the view site, the visual hierarchy is what matters the most. You have to use some important features like eye-catching bold fonts, texts, large sizes, and bright colors to have a great visual hierarchy. The clear visuals show what is important to you and what is not!

  1. Mention the essential social share buttons

People live in a society where you are constantly giving updates about what is happening in your lives. There should be social share buttons on your website platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc. And, if you have a blog, make sure that there are social share buttons on every post of yours. You have to give users to share content with Web Development Sydney and this way the users don’t have to leave your site. This improves the loyalty of the brand and the bounce rate doesn’t even have to improve.

  1. Make use of bright and effective colors

If your website doesn’t make use of choice colors, then people will not be attracted to your website anymore. The text on the website should be of a color that doesn’t match with the background. Play with colors but make sure they make sense together. The bright blue won’t suit in the background and look eye appealing. Stick to the complementary colors for that extra punch on the colors.

When you think of improving the website, stick to some basic fonts like Times New Roman, Arial, etc. These are easy to read and visually appealing fonts. Just stick to the fonts and people will love your website.


These are some of the effective ways to improve the bounce rate. See that people turn into your customers and don’t leave your website.