Have you ever heard of Pokimane, Lily, Sykunno, and Tfue? These are popular Twitch streamers that play all those popular video games for a living while streaming them live for you to watch anywhere and anytime you want! They become famous worldwide simply because many of their fans also love playing the same games, and they are very entertaining to watch. Not only that, but tons of gaming companies would sponsor them. But aside from these sponsorships, they also get rich through donations from their fans. These donations are called Twitch bits, which they can convert to real money.

If you’re also an aspiring Twitch streamer that wants to understand more about the world of Twitch, then you should first learn more about Twitch bits. So let’s know more about bits to usd and how much you can make through these donations.

Twitch Bits Explained

Twitch bits or bits are the virtual currency used in Twitch, an alternative way for fans to support their favorite Twitch streamers and creators financially. Fans and viewers can give support to their favorite streamers through tiered and prime subscriptions or real-money donations – but bits are cheered rather than donated. With every cheering of bits, you can unlock a particular emoticon, badges, or more rewards. But it will depend on how many bits you cheered.

Most viewers or fans will purchase their bits as they have a real-world value since they are also a type of currency. The only difference is they are virtual. Some can earn bits but watching adverts, but these are relatively low. It’s worth noting that the bit value also changes due to real-world currencies. But as an example, you can purchase 100 bits for $1.40, 500 bits for $7.00, and so on.

How Bits Support Twitch Streamers

Since bits are the virtual currency that you can “cheer” to your favorite streamers, they are able to accumulate these and then convert them into real money. Twitch Partners and Affiliates receive $0.01 for every Twitch bit that has been cheered on them. So if they are cheered a total of 100 bits, it will convert to $1. And if they get 500 bits, it’s equivalent to $5. The more bits the streamers get, the more money they receive from Twitch.

Every 100 bits that are purchased are divided between Twitch and the streamer – with Twitch getting $0.40 and the streamer getting $1. So in simple terms, bits are a great and fun way for you to show support to your favorite Twitch streamer or creator. These are an alternative to donations and paid subscriptions too. At the moment, you can only purchase them via PayPal and Amazon, but Twitch is looking to expand its payment methods.