CORE DNA Digital Solutions: The best way to go digital

In today’s day and age, every business, big or small, is going Digital. Going digital is not a straight path as so many technical aspects need to be taken care of.  There are so many platforms, tools, and websites that need to be managed, and sometimes it gets difficult to keep track of all of them at once. Core DNA realized these challenges each business has to face and came up with a Single platform that will meet all your Content, Digital and Ecommerce need. They are operational through provide different solutions depending on your roles or designation, your needs, and your industry of Business. Whether you are an Executive, Marketer, or Partner working in any dynamic industry, you can get assistance for the following needs: Marketing, eCommerce, Content, Digital Workspace, Events, Job Portal, etc. The cloud platform by Core DNA is dynamic and optimized regularly to help ease the users’ day-to-day tasks. It has made it possible to bring all the different platforms together.

What does Cloud Platform cover?

  • Content Platform helps create and manage beautiful content on a single platform. You can use it to not just edit the text but also images and some other page elements. It makes editing easy with its in-built image editor tool that enhances and optimizes the images.
  • Core eCommerce can help you manage all your global stores on one dashboard. You can manage all your Orders, Product requirements, and even marketing tools using this platform. Using this, you can create a customized user journey for all your visitors and arrange your products, prices, orders in a very well-organized fashion.
  • Core Marketing tools can help you find new audiences, engage and sustain your target audience. This enables you to manage and launch end-to-end marketing campaigns with utmost precision and grow your business in the right direction.
  • Core Teams make it possible to come together and work on all your projects collectively as a team or with your customers. This makes it easier to cater to your customers’ needs and to share and discuss your plans and strategies with your team.
  • Core Intranet is a tool that helps simplify the training and learning process of your team. Virtually it makes communications and collaborations easier, which acts as an ultimate communication channel for your organization.
  • Core Community is a very secure and future-proof platform for all the non-profit communities out there working for a greater cause. You can list job opportunities or any key information here that’s accessible to all your members.

After working on more than 2000 websites or organizations worldwide, they are ready to innovate and thrive on customer happiness. They have very insightful Demos, and you can also get in touch with them through their website.