As we will see, affiliate marketing is not just a marketing move but it can be a real source of income that exploits the commercial relationship between three main subjects:

  • The advertiser / merchant, the company that wants to promote to the affiliates, in exchange for a commercial commission, their products or services
  • Theadvertiser, the one who publishes the banners on his site or creates paid campaigns with the aim of advising the products of third parties
  • The Affiliate network, or the intermediaries and take care of all the aspects that we are going to dissect in the article

The advertiser / merchant offer a reward to those who will be able to do a certain action to users. All these actions are different and are established in the contract phase and can be divided into:

  1. CPS: Cost for Sale, sale of a product, can take place directly
  2. CPL: Cost per lead, data collection through a form
  3. CPA: Cost per Action, download an application or other

The term “Cost” is nothing but the amount that the advertiser is willing to pay in exchange for a completed action.For example if a user presses a banner or a link from your site and going to the recommended site performs the required action (for example a purchase) you will receive a fixed fee.

TechnologyAs we have seen, the publisher is the affiliate promoter, the one who publishes banners, ads and articles aimed at suggesting a product. The techniques used by the affiliate, to create traffic, are part of normal online marketing. We can therefore include Paid Campaigns (Facebook, Google) to send the user on your review pages or on a Landing page (direct link) and then drive the sale. You can also gain traffic through SEO and positioning techniques or build a mailing list to recommend products or services. From you will be getting the best deals for the same now.

The advantages

The affiliate network manages all types of exchanges between franchisee and merchant with relative advantages between both parties. By joining a network, the affiliate can choose many products without having to individually contact the merchant, thus simplifying the administrative part.

In the image you can know the major Affiliate Network:

 How does the system know that the user comes from my link?

The answer lies in the affiliate link. When you decide to promote a product you will be given a link, or affiliate link to be included in your articles or banners.

Affiliate Marketing: is it really a profit method?

The answer is yes. But as we have already seen, the success of affiliate marketing is the result of several factors:

  • Create an optimized website with high content traffic
  • Become familiar with the marketing world and with social channels
  • Recommend a few quality products that you know
  • Create a newsletter to periodically send quality content and advertising suggestions

Studies the trends of the products and their actual demand in the market, a recommended tool are Google trends to see the trend of different markets. Know your users, use e-mail or chat to get exchanges with which you can compare yourself to learn more about your marketing actions.